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    Dr. Brian Rudin is dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, and state of the art surgical treatment of spinal disorders such as sciatica, herniated discs, instability, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease (DDD), and spinal stenosis. Dr. Rudin, a Westlake Village Spine Surgeon, uses cutting edge technology such as artificial disc replacement and

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Dear Doc Rudin – Thank you so much for looking after me.

I can’t believe how much better I feel in just a few days post surgery, after being in so much pain for over two years.

Thanks again & again.  -RT, Auto Designer

Yesterday I played a full round of golf!

[Surgery] was a success!  I recommend Dr. Rudin to other patients with back issues.

Don, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Dr. Rudin is so patient and kind.

I would recommend him to anyone with neck or spine issues.


Dr. Rudin quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it!

Dr. Rudin quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it!


After surgery I feel wonderful.

After surgery I feel wonderful.


My results were fantastic!

I am very pleased with him and his staff. It turned out extremely well.

SG, Port Hueneme, CA.

I am 100% better.

I am not 99%, I am 100% better.

-JR, Real Estate Agent


You are the most wonderful doctor & staff I have every known.

I am pain free because of you – free of 12 years of pain. God Bless the work you do.


I woke up with no more leg pain!

[Surgery] turned out to be the best thing I have ever done.  I went from a 10 on the pain scale, to a 0-1!

I am back to doing everything I was doing!

Jim, Ojai, CA.

I feel like a new person. It was a wonderful experience.

He was very caring and kind!  The surgery went without a hitch.  The folllow-up has been great.
CB, Oak Park, CA.

Dr. Rudin was amazing!


He came highly recommended by a co-worker, and even though I don’t live close by, I still chose to proceed with him as my doctor for the recent procedure I had. He was so friendly and knowledgeable, that I didn’t really have any questions or concerns whatsoever. I wasn’t nervous at all on the day of my surgery because of the conversations I had previously. Dr. Rudin even called the evening following it , which was really nice. I had a couple questions and was able to ask him directly. My follow-up visit felt like a friendly chat because of the ease of the conversations. I highly recommend Dr. Rudin for any procedure or surgery you may have. He’s definitely the best!


I am so grateful to have had my surgery with you!

I took my time in finding the right doctor and procedure, and I’m sure glad I did.  I’m on the road to recovery now and already feeling a difference THREE DAYS post op!  You do amazing work!

-TH, Simi Valley, CA

Dr. Brian Rudin is an excellent surgeon

From Dr. Brian Rudin is an excellent surgeon and very responsive to any and all questions I have thrown his way. If you are looking for a spinal surgeon, he is the one!!!

Surgery has been the best thing I have done with my life!

Dr. Rudin’s efforts and abilities were life altering.
WJ, US Navy.  Port Hueneme, CA

He’s the best doctor on the planet!

Dr. Rudin did a wonderful job with me.  I had extreme pain in my left arm.  I was working less than a week later [after surgery].

Marcus, Moorpark, CA.

I am so grateful for his kindness and bedside manner. He made sure everything was taken care of.

He made sure everything was taken care of.

-AC, Simi Valley, CA

Excellent treatment.

100% satisfied, and all my questions answered completely.


Surgery was really easy and nothing to be afraid of.

I had a very easy surgery with good results!
KR, Westlake Village, CA

He is my new favorite doctor.


I don’t usually take the time to fill out ratings, but I had to with Dr. Rudin because his service went above and beyond the call of duty. Dr. Rudin saw us on very short notice through a referral of a local PT. The wait time was maybe 5 minutes, he was extremely thorough and showed pictures and explained what he saw to be the problem. He referred us for a CT scan, which also happened in that same day. Less than 1/2 hour after getting the CT scan he had emailed me with the diagnosis and the photos explaining the diagnosis. We were so pleased my daughter said, “He is my new favorite doctor”.

TM, Thousand Oaks, CA.

You Rock!

Shawn D. (From Facebook)

Dr. Rudin, I received an Anterior Lumbar Fusion back in August of 2009. I can’t thank you enough for restoring the quality of life I had before my injury. After living over 15 years with back pain, you truly have healed me. I rarely have minor discomfort. You restored complete mobility which was more than I had due to limitations from the pain.


I had the surgery a couple of months ago and now I am 100% pain free!

I am in awe of the fact that the pain is gone.  I am thrilled with the results.   Dr. Rudin is a very kind doctor.  He made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process.  I am very grateful that I chose him to do the surgery.

Lisa, Simi Valley, CA.

You must come see Dr. Rudin, he is absolutely the best!

When I woke up in recovery, the pain was completely gone.  I had no pain in my neck or my arm.

I am now 7 weeks post surgery and feel wonderful.  I have no issues at all.  His office staff is wonderful, they walk you through the whole procedure.

Kelli, Bakersfield, CA.



You guys rock!

You guys rock!


Thank you for the great care and deep concern you’ve showm me.

You guys are the best!!! -RZ

I would recommend him to anyone.


Dr. Rudin is the brightest, most knowledgeable, dedicated surgeon I have worked with. Unfortunately, for the past two years I have needed a lot of medical attention to my spine which led to two very serious surgeries. Dr. Rudin performed both successfully. I am a very lucky girl to have him on my side. He is not only an expert in his field, but provides unwavering trust and confidence. I couldn’t be happier that he is my doctor. I would recommend him to anyone.

I am very grateful to him and all of your staff at the office. . .

I am very grateful to him and all of your staff at the office and the Specialty Surgical Center for all of their kindness and support. You have a top notch team and I am eternally grateful for all that you have done.

JJ, Ojai, CA.

Thank you for being a HUGE blessing in my life!

Your genuine care, excellent bedside manner and thorough follow through have helped and encouraged my healing.


My pain is much better post surgery.

My pain is much better post surgery.


Spinal fusion relieved all pain and discomfort almost immediately.

I have no more back pain or fatigue.


Dr. Rudin is amazing!

Not only did I have very little pain the day after my surgery, he realigned my tattoo perfectly!


I just love him to death…He has always treated me with respect and concern.

I continue to recommend him to others.

-GG, Registered Nurse, Ojai, CA


I have been treated like family! I was extremely happy with everything!

I had the most pleasant medical experience in my entire life.  Dr. Rudin made me feel comfortable, and at peace and calm with everything.  I woke up from surgery and have been pain free since then.

I would recommend Dr. Rudin to anyone.

Deborah, Oxnard, CA.

Thank you all so much for taking such great care of us!

Thank you all so much for taking such great care of us!

-CH & RM

The best Dr. in the world.


Can’t say enough about Dr. Rudin and his staff. A+++++++++. Off the charts! Can never thank this man enough for making me feel like a normal person again after years of excruciating pain.

I had a disc replacement and… I am a new person thanks to Dr. Rudin!

I want to thank Dr. Rudin for helping me walk again. . . after 4 years of excruciating back pain.

MK, Victorville, CA.

I could not be happier with my experience!

He has such a great bedside manner.   I couldn’t give Dr. Rudin a higher recommendation.  I think he’s fabulous and a great person.

Constance, Ojai, CA.

My operation was superbly done.

Dr. Rudin is a God send. I can’t express enough gratitude.


I would like to thank you and the staff.

I feel blessed to have such wonderful and caring people.


I am feeling 10 times better than before I had the procedure!

I was so grateful to find Dr. Rudin.  He made me feel incredibly comfortable.  I know that I made the right decision. I am very thankful to Dr. Rudin and his great staff!

Theresa, Simi Valley, CA.

I highly recommend Dr. Rudin.

From Dr. Rudin was very comforting at a time when I was extremely miserable with pain. He gave me options as to next steps and made me feel there was hope. I highly recommend Dr. Rudin.

Very personable, knowledgeable and professional.

From Google Reviews:

This was my first visit. The atmosphere was very professional and organized. No long waits, the staff was very helpful. Dr. Rudin is one of the best Dr’s I have had the pleasure of being a patient of. Very personable, knowledgeable and professional. He took the time to explain what was my issue and the course of action for my eventual recovery.

-PL, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Surgery was a walk in the park!

Surgery was a walk in the park!



Very Impressed!

Fantastic work! -GH

Great Success!

Great Success!


I am very happy with the surgery. I was back working within a week!

I had great success and I am pain free.  I recommend him strongly!  It was a very good experience.

Dan, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Dr. Rudin is an excellent surgeon. He has a comforting and calming bedside manner.

The first time I walked in to the office I was greeted very graciously by his staff.  Dr. Rudin took the time to answer all of my questions.  I would highly recommend Dr. Rudin to anyone.


MV, Simi Valley, CA.

I am very grateful for the surgery!

My pain has been gone!  My neck is much better and I have complete mobility.

He is very professional and compassionate.

-Kristina, Ventura, CA.

Dr. Rudin was one of the best doctors I have been treated by.

Great Staff!


Surgery was very successful.

I have way less pain than before surgery!


The experience was awesome!

Before surgery the pain in my leg was so bad I was in bed for a couple of weeks. The day I had surgery and that afternoon I was able to walk, and I was pain free!

BT, Surgical Tech., Thousand Oaks, CA

Dr. Rudin is an Amazing Doctor.

I have been very pleased with his professionalism.  My surgery has been successful and my recovery has been so much easier than I thought.


I put off surgery because of fear. I should not have done so.

Dr. Rudin is very comforting and good at his job!


The BEST!!!!

From Facebook:
I recommed Dr. Brian D. Rudin M.D. to anyone who needs back treatment or surgery. The BEST!!!!
IH, Thousand Oaks, CA.

I would recommend Dr. Rudin without reservation.

With and outpatient procedure, he had worked a miracle!  I can walk upright and feel like a normal person again.

Ann, Westlake Village, CA.

Thank you Dr. Rudin! The pain is now absolutely gone!

There are not enough words in the English language to thank you!

Debbie, Thousand Oaks, CA.


You are a wonderful doctor!

As a retired nurse, I haven’t met a doctor like you in a long time – you are a rare gem!  Dr. Rudin has changed my life with his knowledge and skills.  After years of back and leg pain, I am now 6 weeks post-op and pain free.  Dr. Rudin spends time explaining everything to his patients and wants to make sure that all questions are answered.  He is exactly what a doctor should be- knowledgeable, skillful, patient and above all…kind.

BJ, Thousand Oaks, CA

I am now pain free thanks to his recommendation!

Dr. Rudin immediately idenitified my problem by looking very closely at the MRI and saw things that other doctors had completely missed. . .I can’t say enough about this wonderful office!

Tina, Thousand Oaks, CA.



Back surgeons all want to operate on every patient. Two others told me to have surgery. Dr. Rudin was open to epidurals and PT. Now I am better. No surgery, No scars. No time off work. No huge expense and no failed surgery or infected hardware. YOU MUST SEE HIM BEFORE CONSIDERING SURGERY.

Dr. Rudin is Fantastic!

[Surgery] was the best decision that I have made!    I had the procedure and I was out the same day.  The whole office is wonderful!

Kristen, Newbury Park, CA.

I would highly recommend Dr. Rudin to anyone! I feel great!

Dr. Rudin made me feel very at ease and confident about the procedure.  The whole process was made as simple as possible.  The staff was very patient and helpful.

Kaylie, Westlake Village, CA.

He is awesome!

Dr. Rudin gave me my life back!


Back pain is all gone after surgery!

There isn’t anything I can’t do now. I can’t thank you enough!

-PD, Engineer

The surgery went very well. The healing process went quicker than expected. I recommend him highly!

I can’t express my gratitute towards Dr. Rudin.  My pain level (before surgery) was from an 8 to 9, and now is a 0 to 1.
ST, Thousand Oaks, CA

I have my life back!

Dr. Rudin performed a miracle surgery on me.  10 weeks later I have my life back.  I can play, run, jump, and work.  I would recommend him to anybody!

Sandi, Simi Valley, CA.

My neck and arm pain are all gone.

I knew I was better as soon as I was in the recovery room! Thanks!

-JL, Software Engineer

4 weeks after surgery, I am 98% pain free!

The office staff and the doctor were incredible.

Steve, Los Angeles.

No pain for the first time in years.

And thank you to you and your entire staff for wonderful service – truly!


By far the best spine surgeon in the Los Angeles area.


I have seen Dr. Rudin on many occasions. He is always on time, polite, caring and knowledgeable. I am a physician and I trust his judgement and ability. All of my patients and family members are referred to him. By far the best spine surgeon in the Los Angeles area.

It was a great experience!

We will be referring patients your way!


KB, Westlake Village, CA

I was walking immediately after, in recovery.

Never had any worries about surgery.


Dr. Rudin has such a wonderful bedside manner!

He did such a wonderful in surgery, both helping me to feel better and aesthetically.  He provided me with care from beginning to end.  I recommend him under all circumstances.

Audrey, Agoura Hills, CA.

Thank you Dr. Rudin and his staff!

I am now pain free and have resumed all normal activities.

Denise, Oak Park, CA.

Now I am pain free!

I was in incredibly intense pain prior to surgery


Excellent surgeon! He was very kind and informative!

I was living in agony previous to my operation, and now I am pain free!

I am very glad that I went with him.

BS, Westlake Village, CA

I have had no pain since surgery. My pain is now gone.

I am really happy, and off my medication.  Thanks to Dr. Rudin!

-JB, Ventura, CA.

I had pain for 14 months, and I didn’t have any relief until I had surgery.

Within a week from surgery I was walking perfectly. . .

-Brian, Camarillo

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Dr. Rudin has done a fantastic job. . .

I really appreciate all the time he took to explain the surgery.  The surgery itself was smooth.

-LL, Newbury Park, CA.  Anthem Blue Cross Administrator.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Rudin and his GREAT staff!

What a wonderful experience.  I will tell all I know about it.  Keep up the good work.


I appreciate Doctor Rudin’s relaxed demeanor and kindness.


Doctor Rudin always takes the time to ask and see how I am really doing. What’s working, what has improved or not. And listens to my concerns. You can tell he really cares about his patients. He suggested a treatment as a test with another doctor to see if it might work and relieve some of my back pain and it helped… He is very knowledgeable and will try to find the right answer, before jumping to surgery. I appreciate that. He also has a great sense of humor as well. I have sent a few friends to him and they feel the same way about him and the staff. Everyone is very professional and friendly.

IH, Thousand Oaks, CA.

I am better than ever!

Dr. Rudin you are awesome


Dr Rudin is what you hope for when you’re contemplating surgery.

He takes as much time as necessary to explain everthing and answer all of your questions. After surgery he personally calls and checks on you several times. Can’t say enough positive about Dr. Rudin.


I’m really happy with my surgery!

I’m really happy with my surgery!


This is the most pain free I have been!

I feel that I have gotten wonderful, wonderful care.  It was a wonderful experience!
MK, Moorpark, CA.

I’m very happy to have found this wonderful doctor.

I’ve been to a lot of spine surgeons. I found Dr. Rudin to be very sensitive to my situation and my concerns. He explained my MRI thoroughly and patiently answered all my questions. He gave me wonderful advise but fully supports my calling th shots with my cervical spine. I was really impressed with the office staff. I’ve never been given better directions or gotten in and out of a doctors visits in such a timely manner. I’m very happy to have found this wonderful doctor. I wish I didn’t have to deal with spine issues but I feel like I am finally in very caring and capable hands.


How do I say ‘thank you’ for giving me my life back?

I want you to know how much I appreciate your patience.  I feel you are blessed with an amazing gift and I am grateful.  I am forever thankful to you!


Dr. Rudin is amazing!

I wasn’t able to walk around the block, and now I can walk a few miles.

PK, Thousand Oaks, CA.

He was absolutely amazing!

Dr. Rudin was very patient and compassionate.  He made the process very easy.

I would recommend him to anyone!

Shannon, Woodland Hills, CA.

Dr. Rudin is a very good and understanding doctor!

Dr. Rudin is a very good and understanding doctor!


Dr. Rudin was very caring and concerned.

I was impressed by his professionalism.


I recommend Dr. Rudin very highly.

I recommend Dr. Rudin very highly.


Thank you to Dr. Rudin, he literally changed my life!

I had the surgery, walked out of the surgical suite the same day and haven’t looked back.

Thanks again, Dr. Rudin, I appreciated it!

Matt, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Just wanted to be able to thank you for saving my life!

From Facebook:

Just wanted to be able to thank you for saving my life!  I mean that, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been able to fix my arm (neck)! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  -NH, Thousand Oaks, CA.


Dr. Rudin is the best!

The results of the operation continue to get better.-RR

Thank you so much for your super, kind, helpful care!

Thank you!


[Surgery] has given me back much more complete life.

I have been suffering the inability to sit since 1989.  I had 2 previous back surgeries which never helped.  Dr. Rudin did surgery in June ’13, I can now sit.

I would highly recommend Dr. Rudin.

Dave,  Newbury Park, CA

Without question, surgery was the best medical decision I have ever made.

Dr. Rudin and staff are phenomenal.

-KR, Naval Officer

Awesome Job

Very happy with my procedure and my recovery!


I feel 30 years younger!

He was very informative. . . The surgery went well.  I am a very happy patient and I would recommend him to anyone.

David, Woodland Hills, CA.

An unbelievable doctor!

Dr. Rudin, is not only fabulous as a person, with unbelievable bedside manner, he is a very skillful surgeon.

Lena, Calabasas, CA.

Best Doctor in Ventura County!

Best Doctor in Ventura County!


Dr. Rudin is an amazing doctor. I highly recommend him!

My husband was on his back and unable to move . . .the moment he came out of surgery he was able to walk.  He was back at work within 8 weeks.  5 months later he is at full duty, with no residual pain or problems.

DB, Police Officer, Newbury Park, CA.

Great bedside manner! I would highly recommend him to anybody.

After 3 1/2 years of neck pain I saw Dr. Rudin and within 3 months I am just about 100%.  Wonderful staff!

AH, Newbury Park, CA

I am very grateful, thank you Dr. Rudin!

I couldn’t walk, sit, or goto the movies.  Dr. Rudin gave me special care.  I am pain free now!

Lisa, Agoura Hills, CA.

Dr Rudin … is very compassionate and never rushes during my appointments.

Dr Rudin spent the time needed to help me understand the options for my neck injury. Having received no long term relief from physical therapy or epidural injections, I decided to have a disc replacement. Dr Rudin did a great job and the pain in my neck and shoulder is now almost gone. It’s been about 6 weeks since my surgery. I look forward to a complete recovery. Dr Rudin has followed up post-surgery to monitor my recovery process and is very compassionate and never rushes during my appointments.


3 Weeks after surgery, I can play hockey!

It’s the best thing I ever did.  I have no pain, and couldn’t be happier.

Thanks to Dr. Rudin.  You are the Best!

Allison, Calabasas, CA.

Great Doctor and Staff!

Great Doctor and Staff!


Dr. Rudin is very knowledgeable and personable.


Within 4 weeks I was able to play golf, and I feel great!

Thank you so much for taking good care of us.

We were at ease with you performing the surgery, and your staff has been very helpful during this process.

Sincerely, RG

Dr. Rudin has been great


Dr. Rudin has been great through this entire process from the injury all the way through the Surgery and even been great through the post op when most Dr’s would write you off. He is very nice and takes his time with you to explain everything he is doing and answers every question I asked never trying to rush. I hope I never have to use him again, but if I do I will fir sure call him!

I feel like a new person!

[Dr. Rudin] was able to completely cure my pain with a simple surgery which was outpatient.  I had been suffering with terrible pain. . . and it no longer is painful for me.

Angie, Westlake Village, CA.


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